Three Most Common Skin Problems and How to Deal with Them

By Bellus Skin on 3 February 17
Just like every other part of the body, there is no shortage of problems which can occur to the skin. From discoloring to wrinkles to acne, there are plenty of ways the skin can show signs of aging and damage.  Sometimes, full skin rejuvenation treatments are necessary. Other times, easier methods are available. These are some of the most common skin ailments and how they can be treated.

Treating Common Skin Problems

  1. Acne
Acne is by far the most common skin problem, affecting hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Forget the tales about acne being caused by the foods you eat. In fact, acne is simply caused by the pores of the skin becoming clogged and then becoming infected by bacteria. The biggest single "cause" of acne is simple genetics, because some people's skin produces more oil than others. Luckily, acne CAN be treated. In many cases, nothing more than soap and warm water is needed to keep pores clear. In more severe cases, doctors can prescribe antibiotic creams that eliminate major breakouts.
  1. Liver Spots
Brown blotches - like very large freckles - are a common sign of aging, and they're almost entirely due to sun and UV damage.  The best solution for liver spots is to prevent them in the first place by engaging in proper sun protection when going outdoors, and avoiding direct sources of UV like tanning beds. Liver spots are sometimes treatable, with a combination of exfoliating creams that remove the outer layers of the skin along with whitening agents.  
  1. Wrinkles
Few skin conditions more clearly show a person's age than wrinkles. Beginning as early as a person's thirties, their skin will start losing the ability to synthesize the proteins necessary for keeping their skin soft, elastic, and wrinkle-free. As a person ages, these issues only become worse, creating skin that's hard, sagging, and often heavily wrinkled.

Bellus Skin

Until recently, there were no truly good anti-wrinkle treatments.  Most -such as Botox- only worked for short periods and did more long-term damage.  However, with Bellus Skin, there's a new solution. The revolutionary Bellus SP Technology delivers the proteins your body needs to properly repair the skin to the sub-dermal layers where it's produced.   Our technology truly restores your body's ability to eliminate wrinkles naturally. Try Bellus today and get a free travel pack!

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