The Best Skin Care Products in Canada Don’t Use Liposomes

By Bellus Skin on 17 January 17
If you've been following skin care products in the last few years, you've probably heard about treatments involving liposomes. Many brands claiming to be the best skin care products in Canada would talk about their new "scientific" method of using liposomes to deliver healing agents to the skin. Unfortunately, that's just not true.

Are Liposomes Skin Care’s Biggest Lie?

The theory sounded plausible. Skin-healing agents must be delivered sub dermally, deep under the outer layers of the skin to where new skin is "manufactured" by the body.  The problem is, the outer skin was designed by nature specifically to prevent foreign chemicals from ever penetrating that deeply. These products claimed that by wrapping their products in liposomes - a fatty molecule - they could bypass the outer skin layer and deliver restorative proteins sub dermally without using needles or other invasive methods. The problem is this: It simply does not work. Multiple studies in the last three years have shown that liposomes are ineffective at moving chemicals past the outer layers of the skin.   The scientists observed the travel of liposomes marked with red and green dyes into the skin using high-resolution microscopes. Had liposomes worked as claimed, they would have found the red and green dyes travelling together into the skin. However, they didn't. The dyes were instead spread out, indicating that the liposome had fractured on contact with the skin.In the same way, the chemicals and proteins delivered by skin care products therefore also unsuccessful in penetrating the skin.

The Bellus Skin Difference

Bellus Skin uses a completely different method to deliver vital proteins deep within the skin: SP (Superior Permeability) Technology.  Rather than using liposomes, our process utilizes peptides which are both smaller than liposomes and are more readily absorbed by the skin. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the protein transduction domain system can be up to two hundred times more effective than liposome-based delivery systems. That makes Bellus the only brand that can truly claim to deliver key skin rejuvenation proteins where they're needed most. Try the best skin care products in Canada for yourself from Bellus Skin, and you'll see how effective they are.

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