The Best Anti Aging Products in Canada – Introducing a New Paradigm in Anti-Aging

By Bellus Skin on 20 September 16
Everyone claims to have the best anti aging products in Canada, but unfortunately, recent research has cast doubt on the vast majority of skin rejuvenation products on the market. We don't like being bearers of bad news, but regrettably, if your current skin-care products are based on liposome delivery systems, they simply don't work. Previously, science had been unclear on whether liposome-based skin rejuvenation was effective. However, a new way of watching how chemicals interact with the skin revealed the truth:  Any rejuvenation product which is being delivered through liposomes never makes it past the skin barrier. The ingredients needed to rejuvenate your skin don't get to where they need to be.   As researcher Jonathan Brewer said, "We use a new method, and once and for all we establish that intact liposomes cannot penetrate the skin's surface. This is bad news for other skin care companies, but good news for you. Here at Bellus Skin, we have a revolutionary new way of delivering much-needed rejuvenation chemicals beneath the surface of your skin.  It's not based in liposomes - instead, it's based on a brand new clinically-tested process that has been proven to be effective.

Getting Under Your Skin:  Why Bellus Skin Has the Best Anti Aging Products in Canada

There are two key factors that make Bellus Skin Rejuvenation Serum the best product of its type on the market.
  1. A New Delivery System
The problem facing skin rejuvenation products is that skin is very good at keeping ingredients out. That's exactly what skin is meant to do.   However, recent research  has found a new way of delivering ingredients topically without resorting to needles. Protein Transduction Domains (SP Technology) are a transdermal delivery technology, based in amino acids which your skin naturally absorbs. By utilizing our SP Technology, essential ingredients can -demonstrably- penetrate the skin to the layers beneath.
  1. A One-Two Punch to Knock Out Aging
There are two key proteins which the skin needs to properly repair itself, called EGF and FGF1.  As skin ages and is damaged by the sun, it loses the ability to create these proteins.   Most anti-aging products only include EGF or FGF1, but Bellus Skin Rejuvenation Serum includes both. By providing both of these key ingredients involved in skin regeneration, Bellus Skin stimulates your own natural healing process. The result is fewer wrinkles, age lines, crow’s feet, blemishes, and other aging marks on your skin. That's why we say Bellus Skin has the best anti aging products in Canada.  They work, proven by science. It's a brand new process, and we're proud to introduce it. Contact us to learn more!

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