The Bellus Skin Care Advantage: Combining the Best and Most Effective Skin-Restoration Proteins

By Bellus Skin on 20 December 16
There's nothing magical about how your body repairs your skin. The process by which your skin repairs itself is well-understood by science, and that science is turning into the basis of a new revolution in skin care: Bellus Skin care. The key proteins which are necessary for the skin to stay soft, supple, and youthful are called EGF and FGF-1. Many other skin care products have tried to find ways to deliver these proteins to the sub-dermal layers where they are produced, but only Bellus skin care products have found an effective way to do so.

What Are EGF And FGF-1?

EGF and FGF-1 are both naturally-occurring proteins, produced in the body, which are used in the growth and maintenance of your skin.  They are what prevents dryness, loss of elasticity, and other signs of aging.  However, as a person ages, their body's ability to produce these proteins also diminishes - leaving their skin open to permanent damage. EGF is primarily involved with the creation of new skin because, of course, our skin is constantly replenishing itself.  EGF affects skin tone, softens skin, and helps skin regain its density over time. A lack of EGF makes it difficult for skin to repair itself effectively over time, and allows damage to continue to show on the skin. FGF-1 is nature's anti-wrinkle formula. It keeps skin elastic, as well as helping keeping it moisturized. Additionally, FGF-1 is one of the main ingredients in collagen, the well-known protein which is effectively the "raw material" of your skin.  

Why You Need EGF And FGF-1 Delivered Together

There are other skin care products on the market which may contain EGF or FGF-1, but not both. Unfortunately, without both, you're only addressing part of the threats facing your skin.  That's one of the reason Bellus skin care is so revolutionary. However, the real secret to Bellus is our completely new, clinically-tested method of delivering EGF and FGF-1 down deep within the skin. Previous studies have conclusively shown that the methods used by other brands simply do not work. Their attempts to deliver EGF or FGF-1 never make it past the outer layer of the skin, and therefore provide no benefit. Only Bellus skin care products can truly deliver EGF and FGF-1 to where your body needs it, providing much-needed help in the battle against aging.  Try Bellus for yourself and see!

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