"This serum lives up to its claims! Smoother, radiant skin! No need for foundation. A great lipstick, some mascara are all you need and you are 'Paris ready' for spring and summer. Love it!"*

- Lydia T., Edmonton, A.B.

"I am a 50yo male who has dealt with acne all my life and uneven colour distribution on my face. Bellus has been amazing in the first bottle I used. My skin colour is even and I don’t look tired, as I use it around my eyes when nothing else has worked like the ‘high end’ brands like Laprarie. Highly recommend using this product."*

- James M., Vancouver, B.C.

"I personally started using the serum religiously 2 weeks ago. My overall experience has been amazing. Serum feels great on the skin [and] I have seen a huge difference in my fine lines. Especially my hungry 11- [they have] improved drastically & are less prominent."*

-Sana M., Burlington, O.N.

"Wow, I only tried this product for one week, and it already amazed me. This makes my skin firm quickly and absorbs very fast, it also makes my face looks more radiant. I truly believe this product works really well for my skin."*

- Lisa S., Edmonton, A.B.

"It is an awesome product for skin."*

-T.K., Calgary, A.B.

"This product is fantastic, after the first 3 days I started seeing a difference in my skin tone, and my skin looks younger... I love the glow I get from this product, it is just awesome, looking forward to my next order! Thanks Bellus!"*

-Lisa S., Toronto, O.N.

"Very impressed with this serum, have been using it for a little over 3 weeks, skin clarity is improved, and wrinkles are less pronounced. Works for me, I will definitely be adding this to my skincare routine."*

-O.G., Mississauga, O.N.

"I am a 51 yr old female who has used professional skin care products consistently for more than 20 years. My skin is in great shape, but I was looking for improvement in one area and that was my “smile lines” (nasolabial folds) as they were becoming quite noticeable. I don’t like needles, so the thought of cosmetic filler was out of the question. I saw an ad for Bellus and discovered that the skin care technology in this product was different than what I was using so I decided to give it a try. By applying a very small amount to the targeted areas twice a day I started to see a difference within one week. After 2 weeks my “smile lines” noticeably reduced. It was quite incredible! Better results than I’ve had with other line and wrinkle products. I would recommend Bellus Skin Rejuvenation Serum to anyone who wants to target reducing the depth of their lines and wrinkles- it works!"*

-Elita S., Saskatchewan, S.K.