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Take a look at how Bellus really delivers.

The cornerstone of our serum is our Super Permeability technology, which we refer to as SP-Technology™.

Originally conceived for wound healing and scar repair, our Bellus scientists quickly realized they could share this revolutionary SP-Technology with a broader audience by applying it to rejuvenating skin care products.

Here's the nitty gritty: It works by taking molecules that are normally too big to enter into the skin and linking them with a natural amino acid chain to create cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) that get deep into the skin and interact with receptors in the body. These CPP linked natural biomolecules (that we call SP1-EGF and SP1-FGF1) can then open and activate special channels and transportation systems in skin cell membranes to promote collagen synthesis in the skin.

Essentially, our technology transforms big molecules like growth factors into something your skin can easily absorb.

Competing delivery systems that claim to penetrate deep into the skin actually burst on first contact, giving only a surface level skin boost. Unlike these liposome-based serums, Bellus is able to penetrate up to 200X deeper into your skin1, giving you a profound and long lasting effect.

Biology of Skin Degeneration and Regeneration


After the age of 25, collagen fibers in the skin begin to break down and become looser. By the age of 40, the skin has lost about 20% of its collagen. This collagen loss is what causes skin to develop a thin, “crêpy” appearance, wrinkle formation and sagging.

However, once Bellus is applied to the skin, the deep penetrating SP-enabled growth factors are able to increase skin thickness and reduce wrinkles, overall improving the skin's appearance.

Real Results


Above are results from real customers- as you can see, both have experienced a dramatic reduction in under-eye wrinkles, and the skin appears fuller and tighter.


What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors surged in popularity as an ingredient in anti-aging products after scientists Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini  brought Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to the world's attention when they were awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Medicine for its discovery.

Since EGF is a signaling molecule that targets collagen growth in the skin, many cosmetic companies jumped at the opportunity to add it to their skin care products.

However, on their own, EGF and other growth factors face a fundamental issue- they are too large to penetrate the skin. One of the most popular delivery methods for growth factor delivery are liposomes, which are spherical vesicles that encapsulate large proteins like EGF to increase their absorption into the skin. However, studies have shown that when applied, liposomes burst on the surface of the skin and the majority of the ingredient inside isn't actually delivered into the body. 1

It's only when these growth factors are applied to our SP-Technology™ that the resulting super cell penetrating bio-molecule is able to deliver a long lasting effect for your skin, because those key growth factors are getting to where they need to go. 

Scientific and Clinical Research 

Numerous clinical studies have shown the active ingredients in Bellus to have:

  1. Superior penetration and absorption deep into the skin2
  2. Increased the thickness of the skin2,5
  3. Improved skin moisture, elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles2,4
  4. Reduced the appearance of pores3

Our dermatology specialist and clinical scientists conducted multiple clinical studies using Bellus Skin™ on women aged 35 or older, and the resulting data showed that Bellus Skin is effective in improving multiple aspects of aging, including smoothing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, increasing the density of dermis, softening skin, improving elasticity and moisture, aiding in skin brightening and firming, and improving the look of pores.

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