Find Out How Bellus Skin Succeeds Where Other Skin Rejuvenation Serums Fail

By Bellus Skin on 27 January 17
Last year, a report came out that sent shockwaves through the skin care industry:  The vast majority of skin rejuvenation serum products on the market do not work.   Virtually any product you might have seen advertised on TV or online claiming to deliver proteins to the skin which encourage wrinkle healing were based on bad science. They had the right idea - trying to boost your body's natural healing processes by adding more of the same chemicals and proteins the body needs to maintain the skin. Unfortunately, their delivery system was fatally flawed. They tried wrapping these proteins in fatty structures called liposomes, which they believed could penetrate the outer layers of the skin and go deep to where the body actually creates new skin. Regrettably, they simply don't do this. The proteins never make it past the outer layer of the skin, which means they do no good whatsoever. However, there is good news for those seeking to avoid the effects of aging:  the new Bellus skin rejuvenation serum utilizes a completely different delivery method which does penetrate the skin and deliver vital anti-wrinkle proteins where they're needed most.

What Makes Bellus Skin Rejuvenation Serum Different

Unlike other products on the market which attempted to use liposomes, Bellus Skin has a completely new process:  Protein Transduction Domain, or what we call SP Technology for its Superior Penetration. SP Technology uses molecules called peptides to deliver critical proteins beneath the skin. Peptides are far smaller than other delivery methods, as well as being chemicals naturally produced by the body. They're small enough to enter the skin easily, and the body doesn't react to them as being foreign contaminants.   Through the use of peptides in our SP Technology, Bellus can deliver two key proteins to sub-dermal regions:  EGF and FGF1.  These proteins are, effectively, the building blocks of skin itself. Both contribute to the skin's ability to heal damage, undo wrinkles, and fade scars. Additionally, they help create collagenthe raw material of your skin. Bellus Skin truly heals your skin from the inside out. Since the body's ability to produce these chemicals lessens over time, Bellus Skin simply restores the balance. We deliver more of the exact same chemicals your body needs to keep skin looking youthful, replenishing them.  Try Bellus skin rejuvenation serum for yourself, and you'll see the difference.

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