Best Skin Care Products in Canada – New Technologies Enable Bellus Skin Products to Succeed Where Others Fail

By Bellus Skin on 7 October 16
Everyone wants to find the best skin care products in Canada, but there are so many products available. Most of them claim that they have a secret process which allows their product to rejuvenate the skin... but the sad truth is, their processes simply don't work. This isn't showmanship, it's pure science. Recent research has shown why the vast majority of skin care products cannot live up to their claims. However, that's not true of Bellus Skin Rejuvenation Serum.  Our process goes beyond the competition to deliver rejuvenating proteins directly to your skin.

Why Other Skin Serums Don't Work

Most skin rejuvenation products -even ours- is based on a relatively simple principle: As the body ages and is bombarded with UV rays, it causes a loss of growth factors in the skin which inspire proper skin regrowth. Without these proteins - called EGF and FGF1 - the skin can't repair itself properly. This leads to wrinkles, blemishes, and other signs of aging skin. The problem, however, is getting EGF and FGF1 down into the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin where it needs to be. The skin is designed to keep ingredients out, so it's difficult penetrating the outer layer of the skin to reach the underlying layers. Most products in the past attempted to wrap EGF or FGF1 chemicals in an outer shell made of proteins called liposomes. These liposomes were believed to be able to penetrate the skin, then dissolve away and release the EGF or FGF1 being stored. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Recent research is quite clear on the matter, stating "Researchers show once and for all that liposomes cannot function as carriers transporting active agents into the skin." Any liposome-based skin product simply does not work.

A New Way of Rejuvenating Skin

However, at Bellus Skin -makers of the best skin care products in Canada- we have a new way around the problem. Our revolutionary, patented process is based on Protein Transduction Domains. These are special peptides (amino acids) which can penetrate the outer layer of the skin. And when EGF and FGF1 are wrapped in these Protein Transduction Domains, they can work where other products fail. We have the newest and most revolutionary skin rejuvenation system ever created here at Bellus Skin.  It's based on science that works, and it can work wonders on your skin too. For the best skin care products in Canada, contact Bellus Skin now!

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